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About Moi*

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Yusuf Kay. Thanks to everyone for popping by here :o) Even if you already know me, you may just find out something you didn't know here. So just surf on!
I'm actually of mix parentage. My dad's Chinese and my mum's Malay. A lot of people have been confused with me, wondering if I'm actually Chinese or Malay. I'm the eldest of 3 boys in the family. Yes, I've got no sisters (to many of you guys' disappointment I bet!)

Presently, I'm working full-time and studying part-time. My schedule is pretty tiring as I have to attend classes after work 3 times a week. Besides that, I also play soccer regularly.

And for my love life, well...... I'm happily attached to Margaret. I'm sure some of you know her and have met her. We've been together for about 5 years now. I have to admit that she has been a pillar of strength to me all these years. Margaret was actually my classmate back in our pre-U days in 1994. For my ex-classmates back then, please take note, we were just friends back then. We were not attached at that time yet! We only got attached (officially) in early 1995.

There's another "love" in my life too, it's Everton Football Club. I'm proud to be an Evertonian as we have the most loyal fans around. You can find out more about my affection for Everton in the Everton section of my website.


Some Facts About Moi*

Full Name: Yusuf Kay Chien Chiang (Guo Jianqiang)

Race: Chinese
D.O.B.: 31 December 1975 (Now you know why people have parties all over the world on the last day of every year!)
How to get me?
ICQ: 4403786
What I'm Crazy About?
Likes: Soccer, internet & computer stuff, travelling, outdoors, the beach & the sea, spending time with my loved ones
Dislikes: Smoking, ungrateful children, cheaters, arrogant people
Favourite Soccer Teams
Everton Football Club
Tanjong Pagar United Football Club
Netherlands National Team (Holland)
1975 : Born into this world
1982 - 1985 : Studied in Jin Shan Primary School
1986 - 1987 : Studied in Farrer Primary School
1988 - 1991 : Studied in Whitley Secondary School
1992 : Studied in SIC and later worked in Giordano
1993 - 1994 : Studied in Our Lady of Lourdes School
1995 - 1997 : National Service in Police Academy then in the Police Task Force
1997 - Present : Working in PSA Corp. & studying in Informatics

*(For those of U who don't know, it's pronounced as 'mwah', meaning 'me' in French!)