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If there is one love in my life that I have found and a love that will never die, it is my love for Everton Football Club. Here I am living in a place littered with red dirt, but I still choose Everton. Why I chose Everton? Well, there's no doubt to the fact that Everton have the most loyal fans in the world!!!

Despite the club being in turmoil and disarray, millions of Evertonians world wide stayed loyal to Everton Football Club. Hey! Goodison Park had an average attendance of over 35,000 per match in the past few lousy seasons.

I will be adding more stuff about Everton here later. So keep coming back here for my insights and opinions about Everton Football Club.

My Views

2 August 2002

The new season is starting. It's certainly been an unusual pre-season for Everton under David Moyse so far. Moyse has certainly brought about a new sense of freshness and optimism to Everton. We are now signing players that are not only young but with great desire and potential as well. It's really heartening to see young players like Luke Chadwick, Kevin McLeod, Tony Hibbert, Peter Clarke and of course Wayne Rooney getting involved in the first team. This is certainly very good for the future. What I hope for this season is lesser injuries and more consistency from the team. With this, I think we can have a top 10 finish this season.

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