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Full Name : Yusuf Kay Chien Chiang
Race : Chinese
             (My dad's Chinese & my mom's Malay, that explains my name rite???)
Date of Birth : 31 Dec. 1975
Place of Birth : Singapore
My Family???
Dad : Ahmad Kay Soon Poh
           He's the computer genius in the family. Learnt everything on his own. 
           He's a Harbour Pilot in (guess what???) PSA (my company!!!).
           Yeah, he's the reason why I'm Chinese!!!
Mom : Siti Kalsom a.k.a. Supiah
             My mom is very good at baking cakes & cooking. Everyone loves
             the cakes she bakes. Should open her own cake shop!!!
Brothers : Ayyub Kay Chein Hsin
                    The older one of my 2 younger brothers. He's 18 this year and
                    he's still single!!! So, what are you gals waiting for??? He's a 
                    very good footballer too. The only thing I hate about him is 
                    that he's taller than me!!! :o(

                    Ismail Kay Jianming a.k.a. Ming
                    Hey!!! This is the 'devil' of the house man!!! Once he gets to 
                    know you, he has the ability to irritate you to death!!! This is
                    how my youngest brother got so notorious. He's a terror for
                    a boy who's only 11 this year.

Girlfriend : Margaret Er
                     Not my family member yet, but a potential one!!! She's the 
                     love of my life and also a great pillar of strength to me.
                     We've been together since 14 Jan 95 and we are still deeply
                     in love with each other a lot!!! :o)
How to get to me???
Em@ilz :
ICQ: 4403786
What I'm crazy about!!!
Hobbies : Soccer, Internet/Networking Stuff, Travelling, Movies, Sports
Favourite Soccer Teams : 
Everton Football Club
Tanjong Pagar United Football Club
Netherlands National Team (Holland)
Where I Studied???
Primary : Jin Shan Primary School (1982-1985)
                  Farrer Primary School (1986-1987)
Secondary : Whitley Secondary School (1988-1991)
"A" Levels : Our Lady of Lourdes School (1993-1994)

Well, enuff about me??? If there's anything you still wanna find out about me, just ask me or drop me an email.