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Hi & Welcome to this modest website of mine. I guess this would be a good way for you all to get to know me and also for my old friends to keep updated with what I'm doing at the present moment. Hope that you'll learn more about me, my interests and hobbies, the people in my family and more.

That's me in Bintan!
That's me in Bintan!

July 2000 - August 2001
Okay... Okay... I know that I have not updated this website for ages now! No excuses for neglecting this website but a lot of things have happened since. Both good and bad things happening for the past few months.

Let's start off with the bad one... In late October 2000, I tore my left knee ligaments while playing soccer for my company in the Port League tournament. It was a freak injury as my knees just snapped while I was trying to volley the ball! I heard a few cracks, felt the pain and I was lying down on the field in agony screaming for help. By then, I knew that I had torn my knee ligaments. I couldn't even stand straight and walk! I went to see a doctor and was referred to an orthopaedic surgeon. The surgeon then confirmed that I had torn my knee ligaments. I was lucky in the sense that it was only the medial (small side) ligaments that snapped, not the cruciate (centre) ligaments. I was told to rest the knee, undergo physiotherapy and also an arthroscopy operation on my knee.

The operation was a minor one, just 2 small holes on my knee to clean up the cartilage and torn ligaments. I had the operation in early December and was on medical leave for 2 weeks. This injury meant that I had to lay off sports, especially soccer for the next few months. The road to recovery is indeed tough for me as I have to go through months of physiotherapy to get back to full fitness. Right now, I am already discharged from my physiotherapy sessions after 6 long months of rehab. I can jog and run again now but I just started to play competitive soccer again. I am working and training very hard now to strengthen my knee and thigh.

Now for the better part... I managed to go for holidays in Bintan, Melbourne, Saigon and also participate in an ASEAN Inter-Port Games in Selangor, Malaysia in September 2000. I was in Shah Alam, Selangor for about 9 days representing the Singapore port soccer team (my company team) in the Games. We were unlucky to be drawn into the same group with favourites Thailand and Vietnam. As expected, we were given a roasting by both teams, who eventually met in the final!

In November 2000, not long after I injured my knee, I went to a resort bungalow with my friends in Bintan, Indonesia. It was more of a weekend getaway for us to unwind and relax. We spent 4 days there relaxing, swimming, playing and just lazing around at the resort. It was definitely a very relaxing getaway (though I was moving around with an injured knee!).

In late April, I went to Melbourne! I spent 11 wonderful days in Melbourne, touring around, visiting scenic places and also did a lot of shopping! It was autumn in Melbourne, so it was pretty cool and refreshin when compared to hot and humid Singapore. Among the places I went to are The Great Ocean Road, Philip Island, Dandenong Ranges, The Grampians, Sovereign Hill and of course the shopping areas in the city!

In late July, I spent 5 days in Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon) with my company's soccer team. It was certainly a very eye-opening and interesting trip. The place is so historical and it reminds me of Singapore 20 years ago. I visited the famous Cu Chi Tunnels which is simply amazing. We also went to the War Museum, the Mekong Delta and even had a dinner on a boat down the Saigon River.

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